Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You Donated Blood? Like a Vampire?

This year I have taken to teaching writing through writer's workshop. The main component of writer's workshop is that students pick what they write about. Then through mini-lessons you teach about different language arts topics. Today the topic was apostrophes. I read a book called Alfie the Apostrophe aloud. Then after the book we talked about when you should use apostrophes in your writing. We talked about possessives and contractions. Then the students gave me examples of them, which I wrote on a chart tablet for future reference. I'm not sure how but at some point one of my students pointed to the huge, deep purple bruise on my arm. I have a very caring class so she asked what happened. Trying to be quick so that I could get back to the lesson (a co-worker came in to watch me do writer's workshop so I was trying to be good). I said: "Oh, I tried to donate blood on Saturday." This comment opened the flood gate to more comments and questions. Some kids made faces like they were horrified. Some kids were confused. And several raised their hands ready to share some story or ask a question. I tried very hard to get back to the lesson but they were too concerned with my bruise. Then one boy, who happens to be my favorite, (shhh don't tell anyone) said: "You donated blood? Like a vampire?" Well we all cracked up laughing and needless to say that I was able to get back to my lesson.
After my lesson was done and my fellow second grade teacher was gone I did talk a little about the importance of donating blood. Most were relieved to know that kids can't donate blood and that my bruise didn't hurt.
But this little boy, my favorite, has said many a funny things. The most hilarious was when he said: "Miss G. I can't find my balls." WHAT??? He meant he couldn't find the tennis balls that go on the legs of his chair.


Jen said...

That is funny, especially since you're in LOVE with Edward!! Hee!

Just be prepared for students to put apostrophes in every word that ends in s! After I would do a lesson on apostrophes I would see them ALL over the place and it would drive me CRAZY!!

Patty said...

I talked about that. I said I better not see that and we wrote down examples. I'll get them if they do.

Bonnie said...

That is hilarious! Jen is right about them putting apostrophes on everything. We did exclamation points a few weeks back and how to write exciting sentences, and they would put exclamation points after every sentence!!!!!

Amy said...

Children are so cute. They also say funny things at times. I can't wait until Alyce starts talking to see what she comes up with.