Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I know everyone has been writing lists but right now I'm so thankful for additional family. My niece's boyfriend was willing to go to my high school's football game with me because I didn't have anyone else to go with. I think of him as family. I was too tired to go and he felt it was too cold to take my baby nephew out (his son). Anyway, he's been texting me the score. I'm thankful we are a close family and that he is comfortable enough with me to do that.


Heidi said...

Isn't that great?! K's parents are nine hours away, two of his brothers live an hour away, and my family just really isn't close...we have some "adopted" family that is closer than our "real" family. We are definately thankful for them and feel very loved!

Amy said...

Got to love family. A family does come in different forms.