Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Randomness

I have to say that my three-day Veteran's Day weekend went extremely well. I did get to relax, which was very important. And now that I have a chance to revisit my to-do list from this past weekend I notice that indeed I did everything I was planning to do.
I was not anticipating my nephews coming over to spend the day with us. My sister is also a teacher but she had to work. I work for one district, she for another, and my nephews go to school in a different district. Sadly, my sister is the only one that had to work. I was glad to have my nephews come because they own a Wii. This brings me to my first random thought: Why do we call the letter "W" a double u? Doesn't it look more like a double v. Decide for yourself... uu or vv. That's exactly what I think. Unfortunately one of the remotes to the Wii didn't work so Michael brought his Guitar Hero game and that's what we played.

My biggest task of course was cleaning up my bedroom. As embarrassing as this is to admit it was bit dusty and messy. Here is my second random thought: How do you know you have too many magazine subscriptions? When you still have magazines to read from March and April. I've decided to cancel some of my subscriptions because of this, but I still have quite a few. Mission accomplished and I cleaned, organized, and vacuumed my room. Now I can feel more at peace and get things done. I always feel better when my house is clean.

Since yesterday was my niece's birthday, my brother treated her to Cici's. I treated my nephews since they were with us. It was really nice because it was all of us there. Final random point: Why do people own cell phones if they never answer them? Some people are notorious for never answering. How frustrating is that? Well Vanessa is guilty of never answering. Poor Cruz, her boyfriend, because then I call or text him and he has to answer. Oh well!


Amy said...

Glad you got a chance to catch up and get somethings put together. I still have to make my list for this week.

Patty said...

I always make lists. People think it's so funny that I do that but then I'll forget to do something. I don't just make to-do lists. I write lists for things I have to tell people, lists of what I've worn, and anything else. I'm such a dork.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you had a very full three day weekend. Your sister must work for my district if she didn't get the day off. But like you commented on my blog, at least we get the week for Thanksgiving.