Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Smell Like a Baby

Again, no secret that I have the best class this year. I have a handful of kids that LOVE to hug me. Today as I was working in a small group one of my little girls said: "Miss G. you smell...(big sniff) you smell...like a baby." WHAT??? The surprising thing is that this is not the first time I've heard that. I've had friends in high school mention that. I always put it off as how my mom did my laundry. But then I got to college and obviously I did my own laundry. I can't say that my laundry skills even come close to my mom's so when my friend, Venessa, laughed about it too I started to wonder why.

As I shared this story with Jen on the drive home she said that she can see what they are talking about. Me: "You think I smell like a baby?" Jen: "Maybe not a baby but you do have a distinct smell. In a good way." Hmmm....I sure am glad that it's in a good way.

Just for the record: I find it strange that a girl that doesn't think she wants kids would smell none other than like a baby. How ironic!!!


happyfunpants said...

So what is the smell?

Here are some questions I would ask to narrow it down:
- Do you drink formula?
- Are you still breastfeeding?
- Did you make a deal with the devil to always smell like a baby and then forgot about it?
- Do you use baby lotion?
- Did you make your own baby lotion i.e. used babies to make the lotion?
- Do you wear anything that is scented like powder?
- Are you hiding a Cabbage Patch Kid in your clothing?


- ARE YOU A BABY?!?!?!


Amy said...

I love the smell of a baby. It is so sweet.

Patty said...

You are too funny Anne. I love your sense of humor.