Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yummy, Yummy, Gobble Turkey

I had a fun and witty post but then the internet booted me and I lost the whole thing because it hadn't saved any of it. So instead I'm keeping it simple. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Enjoy the delicious food and the company of family and friends. Remember to be thankful for all great things in life. I guess we should be thankful for all things not great too. Without them we would never know difference between great and not great.

Here's to gaining a pound or two over the next few days!!!!


Amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Any cupcakes on this day?

I have something for you on my site so stop on by.

I do not want the extra pounds. I just lost a lot of my baby weight.

Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am glad you had a great day!1